The Chicago Diner

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3411 N Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657


Today people are straying away from meat and fast food more then ever.  The healthy approach is stronger than ever and  I should hop on board and try to show a couple places where vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and diets are aided.  Naturally I came to The Chicago Diner.The Chicago Diner

When I walked into the diner I instantly was brought back to my punk and hardcore roots. Bad Religion blaring over the speakers and a staff showing off a very slick look with colorful tattoos and hair styles that bring me back to my younger years.  The place is tiny with a row of booths and a couple large tables.  It screams diner and even has a small bar with diner stools.

I ordered the mac & cheese with  sweet potato fries and a cup of vegan ranch.  I also spoiled myself and got a cookie dough peanut butter vegan shake.  I am allergic to milk and have never had a milkshake that wouldn’t make me at least a little sick until now.

The Chicago Diner
The shake came first and my jaw dropped.  Their was peanut butter and chocolate flowing through it and the size of this shake was gigantic.  I drank the entire thing and was so happy to not feel like my stomach was twisting up into knots after like normal milkshakes get me.


The Chicago Diner
The mac & cheese was wonderful and so creamy.  It had cheese on it as well as in it and each bite was just cheese overload and that was wonderful.  The sweet potato fries were slightly sweet and with the vegan ranch they just made a wonderful pair.  I wish they would have sold the ranch by the bottle cause it is my favorite condiment and I would have brought some home.

I knew it wasn’t going to be the cheapest review but I chose The Chicago Diner because it is a great price for vegans and vegetarians which is often very hard to find.  I brought with me my cousin Phil and his wife along with my boy Cam and my friend Allie.  All but my cousin Phil and myself were vegetarian so it was nice to dialog with them to hear what they have to say about the lifestyle.  I would say regardless of if you eat meat or not this place is delicious and it will open your eyes and break down stereo types on vegans and vegetarians as well as show you that you can eat whatever you want and it not have meat or egg or dairy.

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