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August 6th, 2016 / review / No Comments

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119 Main St Lake City, MI 49651
(231) 839-8242

Every year since I was a child my family would camp out in Lake City, Michigan at a small camp ground on a beautiful lake.  Since the only real franchise here is a McDonald’s it gives me an opportunity to try so many of the surrounding mom and pop shops.  The one I walked into today was the Lake City Family Diner and I was not disappointed.
Walking in you see numerous woodland creatures stuffed on the wall and the log cabin look helps set the northern rustic look.  The menu is diverse and they offer something for everyone.  I wasn’t super hungry but had been driving all day and needed to eat so decided to get the soup and salad bar and an order of nachos.

The salad bar wasn’t very big but the toppings all looked fresh and the selection of pasta salads was pretty sweet.  All made in house and pretty tasty.  The worst thing is when you go to get a salad and all the lettuce is mushy or brown but here it is crisp and green.  They also make their own croutons which were seasoned great, soft, not burnt.

The nachos were also pretty awesome.  First off they let you decide between shredded cheese or melted and I am a sucker for liquid cheese.  The toppings were packed on and fresh.  The meat was seasoned great and had peppers and onions sauteed in with it.

The meal was enough but they also have homemade pies and desserts so I decided to go with a slice of rhubarb pie which is one of my favorites.

So when you are driving through the Lake City be sure to stop in and grab yourself something to eat at the Lake City Family Diner.  They are open for breakfast and also offer a pretty nice gluten free menu including their own gluten free chicken fingers and bread.

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