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1822 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202

Located in the International District of Spokane Washington is a mother daughter sandwich shop that brings me back to being a kid and waiting for my grandma to make me lunch.

When you walk into this shop you get a very comfortable vibe.  You are instantly greeted by someone with a smile and ready to help take your order.  The bar to sit at is facing the espresso machine reminding me of various other coffee bars I have sat at and the giant community table also got my attention.

The menu is written on a giant chalkboard offering various sandwiches, burgers, salads and wraps as well as many other items.  After scanning it over I decided to order the sandwich known as The Northwest.  It contains turkey, lettuce, tomato, herbed cream cheese and mustard on a home maade 12 grain bread with a home made apple butter.  Growing up my grandma and grandpa would always have home made apple butter and seeing it on a sandwich brought a big smile to my face.  The sandwich came with a chocolate chipper which is their own cookie and I decided to add a sprite and kettle chips.

Me and my group sat at the community table and awaited our food.  While looking around I saw the walls are covered in paintings of local artists as well as many purple pigs.  The lower walls are made of chalkboard and covered in doodles and names.

When our food arrived my eyes got wide.  The bread looked so soft and thick and the toppings so vibrant in color and fresh my mouth watered a little.  Before biting into this giant sandwich I was wondering about the contrast between the herbed cream cheese and the apple butter but after a couple bites the combo worked real well.  The lettuce and tomato were fresh cut and so crisp that I feel every part of this sandwich was made just for me.

The chocolate chipper was a soft cookie that melted in my mouth and had a wonderful taste to it.  I was getting so full but before I left I also ordered a giant piece of a carrot and nut cake.  I figure that would be a great snack for my 12 hour drive.  It lasted about 2 hrs before it was gone.

So if you are anywhere near Spokane be sure to stop in for a wonderful sandwich from The Flying Pig.  They are very reasonable in price and you will not be disappointed.  They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner so there really is something for everyone and if you want grab a piece of chalk and sign your name or draw a picture on the wall.

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