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225 S James St, Ludington, MI 49431
(231) 425-3933

Michigan is by far my favorite state.  With so much natural beauty there is no question why I live here.  With that being said I have still not been to many of the cities around here so decided to take a trip up along Lake Michigan.  I ended up in Ludington and had some amazing BBQ from The Q Smokehouse.

Walking in I saw their giant smoker and smelled some wonderful smells.  They have a very simple system where you start by ordering your meat, then bread choice, sides followed by your pickled item.  I chose the meat and 2 for $10.

I decided to get the half chicken with mac n cheese and cornbread stuffing as my sides.  I chose white bread as my bread choice and then n pickled cucumbers as my pickle item.

What made this place stand out a little from the rest is all the meats and items come dry.  They have three soup containers on their condiment bar with three different sauces.  They had their Q Sauce original BBQ, a Carolina BBQ Sauce and a chipotle raspberry sauce.  I had to get a little taste of everything.

The chicken was smoked perfectly over fruit wood and the insides were pink and so moist.  No dry to the entire thing.  The rub on it had so much flavor I asked what it was and they said it was their Simon and Garfunkel rub.  The chicken was so good I didn’t even need to dip it in any of the sauces.  With that being said though their Q Sauce was pretty tasty and I did dip a little in their.  The other sauces were very good too just not for me as I am not a mustard sauce guy and their special sauce was a little to sweet for me.

The sides were tasty but by the time I got thru the chicken and moved into the mac n cheese I was getting full.  The shells were so good and the cheese blend had also a smokey taste to it which made this a very unique mac n cheese.  The pickled cucumbers were so delicious and the corn bread stuffing was also delicious and made perfect I just ran out of stomach space so had to take it to go.


So when you want to try some amazing BBQ and get a real tasty smoke taste with it be sure to stop into The Q Smokehouse.  Most of their meat dishes are Gluten Free as well as some of their sides in case you have that dietary restriction.  Next time I am here I will be trying some of their other pickled items as well as the ribs.  If I have some stomach room left I will also be eating a slice of their southern pecan pie.

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