The Southerner

August 9th, 2015 / review / No Comments

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880 Holland St
Saugatuck, Michigan
(269) 857-3555

On the Kalamazoo river in Saugatuck Michigan lies a southern staple like nothing Michigan has seen before.  A restaurant that makes you feel like a kid again sitting at grandmas table.  The Southerner is the place I speak of and nothing compares.

Arriving on a Sunday morning we had a small wait but since this place is still fresh in the area I expected a wait.  The decor is very simple and laid back with different style tables and chairs with some picnic tables for larger groups.  The views either put you looking overlooking the docks on the Kalamazoo River or the open kitchen which had the cooks working quick and without breath.

The menu was simple and I was told to order their chicken dinner since it was out of this world.  I was however there for breakfast so decided to compromise and order the biscuit sandwiches.  They offer biscuit sandwiches so I got the sausage, egg and cheese as well as the chicken and honey butter.  I got a sweet tea to drink and sat back soaking in the positive vibes of the place.  The sweet tea was wonderful.  It reminded me of going to a family potluck and having my mom or aunts sweet tea which I could drink by the jug if allowed.

When the biscuit sandwiches came out my mouth started to drool.  You could smell the chicken but I knew it would be very hot so I let it sit for a second and started working on the sausage. egg and cheese biscuit.  The egg was cooked perfect and the cheese melted over  the whole sandwich meant they took time in the sandwich and didn’t just throw a cold slice of american on a sandwich.

Now to move onto the chicken everyone has been raving about.  The biscuits were flaky but also had enough structure to not fall apart on the first bite which was wonderful.  The chicken itself was battered perfect and the light spice and mild saltiness made this a phenomenal sandwich.  Plus to top it off with some wonderful honey butter brought the southern flare up into my mouth and made me smile.


So regardless if you are a lover of authentic home cooked southern cuisine or just someone looking for some dank chicken The Southerner is the place for you.  Next time I arrive there it will be for the fried chicken dinner.  Also they have a butterscotch pudding dessert with ‘Nilla wafers that I will have to try to save room for.



I have returned numerous times since and have ordered the buttermilk chicken dinner every time since.  I love how moist and juicy each bite is while still having a great crunch to the skin.  The sides are wonderful and I always get a side of biscuits as well as the mashed potatoes and gravy.  And since it is no longer breakfast time when I arrive I recommend one of their alcoholic slushies that won’t disappoint.

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