The Thai Mango

March 22nd, 2017 / review / No Comments

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106 N James St
Ludington, Michigan

When moving to a new city one of the first things I look for is good Asian cuisine of some sort.  When moving into a small town like I did the nearest restaurant like this is 20 minutes away but my cravings took over and I ventured to Ludington Michigan for some Pad Thai at The Thai Mango. 

When waking into this place you see this is meant for in and out.  They have 2 little tables that each sit two people otherwise it is just a counter and menu.  I already knew what I wanted and so walked up and ordered.  Pad Thai is a Thai stir fry that uses rice noodles mixed with egg, various vegetables, chicken and then a peanut-Thai sauce.  I also ordered some rangoons to go with it.

The ragoons I am used to eating are crabmeat rangoons and these ones were made with water chestnuts and green onions.  They were phenomenal and had a pleasant bite to them.

The Pad Thai had a great flavor also.  The sauce it was tossed in was very flavorful.  It was mild compared to most Pad Thai I have tasted in the past, but that was fine with me this time.  The crunch and fresh you get from the bean sprouts added to this dish to finish it off perfectly.

So if you are in the Ludington area and are looking for some tasty Thai takeout then Thai Mango is the place you need to check out.  They also offer some curry dishes as well as a Tom Yom soup I wouldn’t mind trying.  I plan on becoming a regular here and my meal was under $10 which was very good compared to some Thai food I have bought in the past.

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