Two-Fisted Mario’s Pizza

January 20th, 2016 / review / No Comments

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1626 Market St Denver, CO 80202

While wondering down Denver’s 16th Street late one night I came to this grungy pizza shop that offered some tasty slices and beer to go with it.  I’m talking about Two-Fisted Mario’s Pizza.
At almost 2AM I knew my selection was going to be scarce but walking by and seeing the line I assumed it was a sign to check it out so I did.  Walking up to the door you hear some punk music and see a line right up to the door.
Getting up to the counter I already knew what I wanted to eat.  You can get a slices or an entire pie if you’d like.  I decided to get a slice of Mario’s Special with a cup of ranch.  I stood off to the side and awaited my slice.

The Mario’s Special came with pepperoni, italian sausage, meatballs, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, green and black olives and extra cheese.  The numerous veggies are fresh and crisp and the three meats offer a great spice element to the slice.  The extra cheese keeps all the toppings together and this slice is perfect for for anything from being super hungry to having to many substances and needing to balance ya out.  The slice went down perfectly and I was ready to head on out.  I hope this slice of wonderful will help you on your journey thru the streets of Denver at any time of day or night.

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