Victory Sandwich Bar

April 5th, 2016 / review / No Comments

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340 Church Street, Decatur, GA 30030 / 404-377-9300


Georgia is home to some of the best southern food out there today.  With so many awesome options I took a different path and ordered a Cuban sandwich from a sandwich bar that killed it on any sandwich I’ve had in awhile.  I’m speaking of Victory Sandwich Bar and I recommend anyone around the ATL area hit that up for greatness.

Walking up you see giant doors and windows all open.  The place in general was very open with so much natural light in their and great tunes going I felt great.  Being in a cramped car for 6+ hours always makes finding that perfect place to eat even more perfect when you find out they have booze.  5 years ago I was a barista at a very successful coffee shop in Michigan and they helped me appreciate a greatly crafted beverage.  I ordered their house old fashioned and looked over the menu.

I was talking to my cousin who was with me and I was comparing the environment to that of being in a Central American country with the wind and heat and sun and open atmosphere of it all.  As soon as that was said I saw they have a sandwich called Castro.  It is essentially a Cuban which for those who don’t know what a Cuban is.. C’mon.  A Cuban is a ham n pork sandwich with cheese, pickle and mustard.  Castro is smoked pork, ham, yellow mustard, pickle and Fontina cheese.

The sandwich was toasted and stacked with meat.  I’ve never had Fontina cheese before.  It had a nutty taste and melted over everything perfectly.  The mustard and pickle added a bite and the kettle chips on the side helped complete this as a perfect lunch.

I went to the Decatur location but they offer one in ATL near Little Five Points.  AND  if an awesome sandwich isn’t reason enough to go they have every one of their sandwiches priced under five bucks and are open til 2am to serve the late night crowd.  Be sure to get a game of pong in while you are there since they have a table ready to go.

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