White Duck Taco Shop

October 30th, 2013 / review / No Comments

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1 Roberts St
Ste 101
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 258-1660

Asheville North Carolina is home to organic paradise where nearly everything is local and fresh.  White Duck Taco Shop puts a great twist on a simple thing like a taco.

We decided to roll into the industrial side of town instead of the downtown location.  Walking up the line is around the building.  They have everything written on chalk boards for their menu and feature far from ordinary tacos.  The tacos range from 2-6 dollars a taco and have everything from pork to duck and shrimp.  I have been here once before and knew I needed to try more tacos then just the two I had before so I ordered four.

I ordered a mole roasted duck taco, a Bangkok shrimp, a Thai-peanut chicken and a Korean beef Bulgogi.

The Mole Duck was by far my favorite of the set.  The apple-cranberry salsa was sutle and sweet with a little spice to it at the end to round it out perfectly.  Next I would have to say I enjoyed the Bangkok shrimp taco.  It was sweet with a little spice to it at the end.

The Thai-peanut chicken taco had a tropical salsa on it that brought out a sweet and crisp balance to the peanut notes in the chicken.  The Korean Bulgogi was tasty but because I was getting full I feel I didn’t give it justice by finishing it.  The kimchi on it though was spicy and delicious

This place was so good I had to go back the next night for another duck taco before heading out on the town.  In closing I recommend White Duck for anyone who really loves tacos and wants an artistic and unique twist on one.  Also if you are into drinking be sure to grab a house made margarita and enjoy the sunshine like I did.

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