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102 E Central Ave, Mackinaw City, Michigan
(231) 436-5005

Driving south on the Mackinaw bridge you see a hot dog as large as a building.  Instantly causing one to pull over for a photo and stay for a lunch.  And all sexual references and puns aside a good wiener is a good wiener so without further disruptions I give you Wienerlicious.

I have to admit that when I arrived at this spot I was so hungry I could have ate just about anything.  I did however like the appeal of a giant wiener atop a fairly tiny shop.  When you see large novelty food stops like this you have to at least go in and pay respects.

The menu is very simple offering wieners, brats and Italian sausage with an array of toppings.  All their wieners are Koegel’s brand which have been a Michigan staple for almost 100 years.  For a side item they offer waffle fries. I looked it over and ordered The Mackinaw with a medium side of waffle fries smothered in cheese.  The Mackinaw was a wiener wrapped in Plath’s bacon, which is a local meat spot, and smothered in cheese sauce.  I also snagged a small pop with it to wash down the goodness.

The photos don’t give justice to the wonderful aroma and taste this lunch gave me but what kind of food site wood it be without pictures.

The wiener arrived and though it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing it smelled great.  I have had bacon on numerous dogs in my life but never wrapped around one.  I took a bite and loved the contrast between bacon and wiener.  Then you add the melted cheese which added a whole other element I love and we have ourselves a great wiener.

The waffle fries were seasoned perfectly and smothered in a cheese sauce that I couldn’t get enough of.  I had no problem mowing down these cheesy spuds.

So whether you are coming down from the great north or heading up to the UP from the south be sure to stop into Wienerlicious for some great American fare that will leave you full and satisfied.  Next time I go I will be trying a wiener in their house-made coney sauce.

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