Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q

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1425 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 971-3201

Located north west of Atlanta in the less hectic town of Marietta is a BBQ place that makes your mouth water from a mile away due to the smells in the air.  Welcome to Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q.


Upon walking in the first thing you see is their huge BBQ pit slow cooking away hunks of meat to perfection.  The smells could be smelled from outside and this bad boy is why.
On special today was all you can eat chicken and pork with fries and beans for 5.99.  I ordered that along with a sampler platter of meats, a side of mac n cheese and a sweet tea because I was in the south and they got it on sweet tea.


The tea was in a 32oz cup that towered over everything and was very sweet but so good that it was hard not to chug the whole thing right away.  The amount of food on the table was so overwhelming I didn’t know where to start.


I tore into the sampler platter first which had beef and ribs on it.  It would have come with pork and chicken but we had ordered those as the meal so we got extra beef and ribs.  The ribs were soo soft and juicy and the BBQ sauce they had was also wonderful.  The beef wasn’t that great but since we weren’t in Texas I wasn’t about to judge too much.
The chicken and pork were cooked perfect and the BBQ sauce they make is just wonderful.  I barely touched the beans and fries but they were delicious too just not what I was focusing on.  The mac n cheese was also soo creamy and wonderful I almost ordered some to go for later.

So whenever you are in northern Georgia around the Atlanta area be sure to stop into Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q.  It is southern BBQ at its best and at a price you can’t beat.  I dunno what other their other daily specials are but I know that Tuesdays here are great days to get BBQ.  Be prepared for an epic nap after though because food comas are expected.

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